Thursday, June 19, 2008

Model Garage in Berkeley Isn't So Model

The Model Garage at 2920 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley (510-540-5899) isn't so model when it comes to blight. For some time now, the front of the garage has been covered in graffiti. When the manager was notified about the problem and asked to clean up the graffiti, he demurred, stating that whenever he removes it, the graffiti simply reappears. When gently advised that there are anti-graffiti coatings that can be applied once the graffiti is removed and that additional landscaping can be placed that drapes over the wall, the manager scoffed and said that once he gets some money maybe he will deal with the graffiti. Is the Model Garage on such a shoe-string budget that it cannot provide for adequate maintenance of its facility? Is this really any way to run a business? Not only does leaving the graffiti in place attract more graffiti, but it gives the impression of a neglected storefront. In addition to the graffiti, litter is often found at the front of the store. What happened to the good old days when shopkeepers were proud to maintain their storefronts and would routinely sweep the sidewalk and gutter and keep the area neat and clean? So much for a Model Garage. This matter has been referred to the City of Berkeley for resolution.

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