Monday, June 30, 2008

Oakland Abandoned Auto Detail Rocks

The Oakland Abandoned Auto Detail has been doing an outstanding job at tagging and towing inoperable and abandoned vehicles on public and private property. Inoperable and abandoned vehicles are one of the most significant contributors to blight in North Oakland and South Berkeley. In a 2-3 block area centering around Alcatraz Avenue approximately 15 inoperable and abandoned vehicles were recently identified and reported to the Abandoned Auto Detail. Within days, the Oakland Police had tagged the vehicles. Many were voluntarily removed by the property owners while others were towed by the Oakland Police.

For more information on the Oakland Abandoned Auto Detail please see the following:

To report abandoned vehicles parked on the street for over 72 hours, call the Abandoned Auto Detail at 510-777-8622 or 510-777-5838 for vehicles on private property. Fax information to 510-777-8880. Or email the location, description, and license number of the vehicle, if known, to


kenoli said...

Who is "Fight Blight?" It makes it easier for me if I know who I am communicating with.

hedera said...

I agree with kenoli - the posts I've read are excellent, but I would appreciate some background on the poster, who seems to live in my immediate neighborhood. I don't want a detailed autobiography, just the sort of general background I have on my own blog.

Posting as "that masked man" somewhat reduces your credibility.

NATHAN said...

I live in this area, and I'm definitely interested in working on basic blight problems, i.e. litter and graffiti removal. Maybe some guerilla gardening?

This Saturday morning my stepson and I plan to pick up trash on our section of Alcatraz Ave. , probably 9ish? Join us if interested. We'll be between Shattuck and Telegraph on Alcatraz Ave.

salmonmoose said...

Ever heard of the premise "principles before personalities"? I think the blogger is serving the greater good by remaining anonymous and allowing his posts, comments and links to speak for themselves. Making statements like "I need to know who this is" is akin to needing to know what brand of product you are using rather than just seeing/judging for yourself whether it's good or not. Follow the links. Read the commentary. You like, you agree? Great, stick around and we can work together to help improve our hood. Doesn't work for you? That's fine too. I just don't see the need to press for irrelevancies. Let's keep to the topic of blight and how we can divest ourselves of it.