Monday, August 4, 2008

Fight Blight--Request a Free Tree From the City of Oakland


If you would like to have a tree planted for free in front of your house or apartment building (in the "planter strip" portion of the sidewalk), fill out the City of Oakland Tree Planting form. Your property owner or apartment manager's signature is required.

The City will:

* Inspect your property for a qualified location
* Cut open the sidewalk and remove the concrete
* Backfill the tree well after cutting
* Select an appropriate tree species (you can help choose the species)
* Install a free 15 gallon tree
* Classify the tree as "Official" and provide the necessary future maintenance

You must commit to:

* Watering the tree for three years (when it does not rain often enough)
* Keeping the tree well free of weeds and litter
* Keeping wood chips or mulch on the soil around the tree

See the City of Oakland Tree Planting Program below for more information and a Tree Planting Form.


Charlie2 said...

Check the species. Do you want a tree that will raise, crack, and break the sidewalk, creating a form of blight and a danger to pedestrians? The City will try to pin repair on the homeowner.

Fight Blight said...

Charlie you are absolutely right that some species of trees are problematic. Apparently, the City of Oakland has developed a list of trees that are ostensibly without shallow roots and will not break up the sidewalk. A property owner who wants a tree should work with the City to identify the appropriate tree species for their location. Several years ago a Rockridge resident had your same concerns and convinced the City to rethink the type of trees that are being planted.