Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update on Removing Abandoned and Inoperable Vehicles From North Oakland

As a reminder, the We Fight Blight Team has several major goals for the South Berkeley-North Oakland area bounded by Alcatraz Avenue (Berkeley), Telegraph, Market and 51 Street (Oakland): (1) get all abandoned and inoperable vehicles removed or to an operable status; (2) get all blighted properties reported to the City of Berkeley and Oakland for resolution; (3) identify all public property that contributes to blight and get the respective city to clean it up; and (4) plant street trees in all areas lacking street trees. Sounds simple enough.

We are well on our way to resolving the abandoned and inoperable vehicles in Oakland. The Oakland Police Department's Vehicle Abatement Unit has removed over 80 abandoned and inoperable vehicles. We have a short list of 12 vehicles that remain before we can declare the Oakland portion of our target area free from abandoned and inoperable vehicles. If you know someone on this list that has an inoperable or abandoned vehicle, please encourage them to either have the vehicle repaired or legally disposed. Otherwise, we will continue to work with the Oakland Police to have the vehicles towed. All of these vehicles either have expired license plate tags, are inoperable, or have been parked in the same location continuously for greater than 72 hours.

5942 MacCall Brown BMW, 5YMA814.

641 60th (Open garage on Whitney/60th). Black Buick, 4WNE18.

620/624 62nd Street, all the way back in side driveway covered with vegetation. Brown Sedan.

752 55th. Silver Van Aerostar. No plate.

759 55th. Rear yard/driveway. Brown Sedan. 5XAX1432?

816 56th Street, Blue Sedan in driveway. No plate.

833 57th Street. White GMC Truck, SU59954. Flat tires.

880 Aileen. Green VW Van 5CZM418.

5816 Market Street. Red Toyota 4DTK643.

517 54th Street. Toyota PU 2N87641.

635 54th Street. White Station Wagon with flat tires behind fence.

875 56th Street. White Van no plates visible.

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