Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Berkeley to Repave Shattuck Avenue from Woolsey to Ward

Great news. We just noticed a large electronic sign on Shattuck Avenue which states that the section of Shattuck between Woolsey (Oakland border) and Ward will be repaved starting on November 16. We, as well as others, have been advocating for this portion of Shattuck to be repaved for many months. We are happy to see that the City of Berkeley has finally responded to citizen complaints about these third world conditions and is moving forward with the work even though Shattuck was not on the current maintenance schedule. Why it was not on the maintenance schedule when it is a major City roadway used by a large number of motorists and bicyclists and was in such terrible condition is well, troubling.

What is so frustrating about this situation is the effort it takes the City of Berkeley to address an obvious problem, the amount of time it takes residents to push the City to actually do the right thing, and the lack of communication and secrecy the City maintains. Although the Public Works Director indicated they would let the affected residents know when the work would be done and the scope of the work, we have gotten no information other than the electronic sign. Is that good government? We think not. When will government agencies and bureaucrats begin understanding that their jobs are fundamentally to serve the public. The public are the clients and we deserve to be treated with respect, honesty and transparency. This begins with communication.

Who got it done: Claudette Ford, Public Works Director, and Max Anderson, City Councilman for South Berkeley.

Now we can focus our efforts on getting Oakland to do the same for that section of Shattuck between the Berkeley border and Temescal...

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