Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Little Bogged Down

I wanted everyone to know that at the moment We Fight Blight has been a little bogged down with personal and work related responsibilities. While we have not given up our fight against blight, we have not had an opportunity to blog about it. But rest assured, we are still making progress. We have been the squeaky wheel with the Cities of Oakland and Berkeley and Caltrans, pushing the bureaucrats to take ownership of blight and resolve identified problems. It is amazing the degree of resistance among some City staff, particularly at the City of Berkeley, to pro-actively address blight. Upcoming blogs will include an update about Caltrans' plans to address blight at its North Oakland overpasses, an update about our recent meeting with Lisa Caronna, Deputy City Manager with the City of Berkeley, and efforts to obtain a status update from the City of Oakland Code Enforcement Division.

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