Sunday, February 13, 2011

Donuts in the North Oakland Donut Hole

We have often reported on the baja 94609/94608/94703 zip codes as up and coming areas with good bones, great housing stock, easy access to transportation and proximity to a lot of great restaurants.
Now the area we refer to as the donut hole has gotten a lot better.

The donut farm opened up about six months ago at 6037 San Pablo Avenue in a small storefront in the Golden Gate Neighborhood.

The donut farm serves up yummy vegan donuts. For those of you who are thinking vegan donuts--no way--yes way. They really are yummy. You need to find your way to the donut farm. It is hard to miss so keep your eye out. Candy cap mushrooms that taste like maple syrup, orange, and chocolate donuts...yummy.

The Golden Gate Neighborhood is seeing a renaissance of sorts. The ever changing Emeryville is pushing its economic tentacles east and the stock of great housing in the neighborhood along with interesting, yet, affordable commercial spaces along San Pablo Avenue are attracting new uses and new residents. The donut farm is a great addition to a great neighborhood!


Donut Lover said...

I never thought I would love a vegan anything, especially not a donut, but these donuts are TO DIE. If you have not tried them you are missing out. The donut farm is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. Their daily breakfast specials and pancakes are good too.

The Golden One said...

Right on. Love the donut farm. Cool vibe and hella good donuts.

NoGlutenPlz said...

When they make gluten free, vegan donuts, I'm there!