Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Please Report Broken or Burned Out Street Lights

The following is from Karen Ivy at the Rockridge NCPC

"When I attended the City Auditor's meeting today on the audit of the Public Works dept., somebody brought up the issue of burned out street lights, and asked why Public Works can't be more proactive - they actually come out to fix dead street lights pretty promptly once they are reported, but somebody has to call the problem in. The meeting coordinator made a point I never thought of: Public Works staff don't work nights; and with city finances the way they are, we'll probably never have them working nights.

So - once more with feeling: if you see a street light out, call 615-5566 or send an email with details to pwacallcenter@.... They only fix them if we report them, and we're the ones who are around at night".

Karen Ivy
Greater Rockridge NCPC

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